Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lifted Wednesdays

Everyone says they have the best weekly/bi-weekly/monthly. But this is different. San Antonio finally has a night that kicks ass EVERY single time. This thing literally blew the fuck up in the first 2-3 weeks and has been going hard ALL summer. It's something we built as an idea to support our local scene and community. San Antonio has always been behind on it's game, and that's due to the fact that lame people were in charge. Fuck your dress codes, fuck your drink specials, fuck your lame ass top 40 list. This is now the best weekly in town because everyone that shows up is on the same level and we're all tired of the same ol' bullshit. Lifted stands for being above that lame shit. Oh and also because it's on top of a roof.

Lifted Wednesdays from steadyprime on Vimeo.

Shout out to Ivy Rooftop for making this possible!

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